All the research behind learning, engagement, creativity, and problem-solving points to the same data: We are higher performing and more likely to be at our BEST when we are connecting to, and learning from, each other. This science is relevant for communities, companies, and organizations of all types.

Leaders of organizations and communities from around the world are now understanding that more than ever, they need a new way of leading.




Jeremy’s rare combination of Masterful Facilitation and Musical Capabilities in person and online give him the ability to engage and empower any group to be at their best. This rare combination brings great value to companies, communities, and organizations of all types because we learn more when we’re having a good time.

This science around learning is especially relevant for companies and communities looking to harness opportunities or adapt to change.

He’s facilitated thousands of events for dozens of communities across the world including:

  • Inner City School Districts
  • Millionaire Masterminds
  • Conscious Businesses

More About Brotha James

Jeremy is also known as the Uplifting Pop Rock musician brotha James. He’s played music venues, music festivals and concerts all over North America. His music-making method combines the power of positive words with the power of music.

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When Jeremy led the facilitation of our last community virtual meetup, the energy increased, communication deepened, action plans were brought to life quickly, and our group left feeling inspired to create change. The vibe and vision he brings and co-create is world-class!

Jon Vroman

Front Row Foundation, Front Row Dads

We are in the business of managing low-income property with a widely ranging workforce ranging from $15/hr leasing agents to $100k+ executives. We designed our business to focus on the individual and celebrating their achievements. Brotha James created a forum to not only engage and excite our 80+ person community but also to recognize each person individually. It was truly magical the way he brought the group together but was also able to single out individuals to make the entire experience very personal and unique for each attendee. We could not be happier with the outcome and our staff raved about it for over a week. Thanks Brotha James!

Josh Friedensohn

Greenleaf Management, LLC

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