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Amplify Your Event

(Online and In-Person)

I help people who lead meetings, trainings, and events to increase engagement, learning, and productivity.

I use empowering music, strategic agenda design, and interactive facilitation to engage your participants from start to finish.

Empowering Music

I use live music, live looping, and empowering lyrics to engage, empower and enhance your groups ability to unlock it’s potential.

“We’ve had Brotha James at every event that we’ve ever done and every event that we will ever do! What he brings is priceless. It’s invaluable. I highly recommend that you bring him to your event and experience it for yourself.”

Hal Elrod

Creator of The Miracle Morning, Author, Speaker, Teacher

Strategic Agenda Design

I use the XCHANGE Approach to help you strategically design your agenda from top to bottom.

“brotha James’ precision in pre-event planning and design sessions allowed our team to feel confident going into the event and ensured we were successful in meeting our needs and deliverables while having a good time.”

Emily Llore, MPH

Community Health Planner, Health Department of Northwest Michigan Director of Community Health Assessment and Improvement Planning, Northern Michigan Community Health Innovation Region

Interactive Facilitation

I use the art of appreciative facilitation to ensure the maximum amount of potential is unlocked from your group.

“I’ve watched brotha James facilitate some of the most complex events I’ve been a part of. He is a superpower for anyone who partners with him. Make sure you buy his music too!”

Matt O’Neill

Real Estate Owner of the #1 high-end real estate team in South Carolina with over 1 Billion Sold, Host of The Good Mood Show

Videos & Photos

Facilitaiton Highlight Reel

Case Study

TedX – The Power of Passion, Purpose, and Gratitude

Testimonials: Bringing Live Music to Events

“Jeremy brotha James Reisig is a masterful facilitator and collaborator. From agenda design to facilitating, to writing event invitation emails, to bringing music into events. He is a true master at his craft. His ability to hold an audience’s attention and lead them through a productive session is inspiring and effective.”

Pippa Traverse

Pilates Studio Owner and Operator

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