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Who Am I

From a small town in Northern Michigan, the upbeat musician brotha James is turning heads across the globe. Fans describe his music as uplifting, inspirational and energizing!

In a sea of disempowering music, brotha James’ music stands out as a foundational tool we can use daily to feel good about ourselves.

His debut album Animal was released in the middle of 2015 and features the song “Grateful,” a song about harnessing the power of gratitude to create a life of fulfillment.

His latest album Abracadabra: With These Words I Create was released in 2018. Both albums have spread positive and important messages across the world.

The Abracadabra album was made possible by a loyal and committed community of brotha James supporters. Together they raised over $100,000 for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This successful campaign also produced brotha James’ first book With Our Words, We Create (Stories Behind The Songs).

In a world full of negativity, disempowerment, and divisiveness, brotha James is setting a new standard for how musicians and artists can approach the creation process.

There is no better time to harness our power, to embrace our strengths, and to come together to support one another.

Words create worlds: What words are you listening to? What words are your kids listening to?

brotha James is on a mission to inspire 10 million people to reconnect to their TRUE selves– –including himself– through the power of inspirational music.