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Brotha James Book and CD Art | Brotha James

The words we use create the world we live in.

Each day you and your family engage in a number of conversations.  In each of these conversations are hundreds to thousands of words. Those words create the reality you live in.

I started writing music with a positive twist in 2013.  Once I started to realize how important the words we use are, I committed myself to create more music that would help us be the best version of ourselves.

Once others started to realize the power of positive music in their lives, I started to get the same two questions all the time: “How did you come up with these songs?”  and “How can I most effectively use this music in my life?”

It’s because of these questions that I created the book With Our Words, We Create: Stories Behind the Songs. Filled with more than just the stories of how my music came to be, this book is packed with deep questions and thought-provoking prompts to help you connect to your own meaning and purpose!

My highest hope is that my music can be a resource for you and your family to plug into inspiring, uplifting, and meaningful messages through the power of music. 

Tune into media that brings energy to you and your family. With your words, you create.  


Just for you, I’ve put together a bundled package of the With Our Words, We Create: Stories Behind the Songs book, along with the Abracadabra and animal cds! 

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