Entrepreneur Strengths

No matter where you are in the world, when you read this there’s a good chance you’re focusing on solving some sort of problem. And whether that problem is in your personal life or your professional life, it’s top of mind.  

Well, that’s a problem. Because if you’re anything like me then you don’t want to feel miserable; that’s what happens when we consistently focus on and try to solve all of our problems, all of the time.  

Instead, we have an opportunity to focus on what’s working, what’s great, and where the momentum already exists. We do this so we can build upon the successes and the momentum that’s already been created. As we focus on our strengths and our opportunities we usually end up solving the problems anyway.  

That’s why it’s so important to focus on our own personal strengths and the strengths of others.  

The easiest way to focus on our strengths is to ask ourselves questions about our strengths. The simplest one that comes to mind is “What are my highest strengths”?  

An easy way to get yourself into a quality mental state before you answer this question is to download the feelings of resilience, courage and energy. That’s one of the reasons I write the music I write– to provide uplifting options to plug into.  

To hear a story about a time when I had to harness my strengths in order to turn the impossible into the possible, click here.  

Click here to access the pdf of questions you can ask yourself to connect to your own personal strengths.  

What’s a time I overcame a challenge or an obstacle? What strengths did I have to use in order to overcome the challenge?  

What are some traits or characteristics or accomplishments people compliment me on?  

What do I know that I’m good at?  

You can also go look for moments in time when you had success and ask what you did to create the success.  

The power of Strengths we see in ourselves is directly connected to the constant questions we’re silently asking ourselves each and every day.