Master Faculty Facilitator. Musical Facilitator. Uplifting Musician.

Jeremy Reisig is a Musical Facilitator. He’s facilitated thousands of events for dozens of communities across the world including Inner City School Districts and Millionaire Masterminds.

His rare combination of Masterful Facilitation and Uplifting Musician give him the ability to engage and empower while he entertains. This rare combination brings great value to companies, communities and organizations of all types because we learn more when we’re having a good time.

He’s worked with communities like Keller Williams, TedX, Gobundance, Fambundance, Greenleaf Property Management, Higher Grounds Coffee, Yen Yoga, K-12 School Districts, and many many more.

Jeremy is an XCHANGE Certified Facilitator, a revolutionary method that brings the best out in human beings both individually and collectively. The XCHANGE Method enables groups to connect quickly and collaborate authentically. This allows them to rapidly harness strengths, strategize solutions and adapt to opportunities and challenges. This is a very useful tool, especially in times of massive opportunity or a challenging crisis.

Jeremy is also known as the Uplifting Pop Rock musician brotha James. He’s played music venues, music festivals and concerts all over North America. His music-making method combines the power of positive words with the power of music.

The highest hope for brotha James’ music is to bring together the study of positive psychology, the science of words, and the incredible ability of music to bring out the best in people.

Jeremy believes in the power of music which has the unique ability to bring people together and to create a shared experience. When you combine uplifting music with a facilitation method that lifts up the human spirit, anything is possible.

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