The questions we ask are fateful. Questions work like a lens, immediately
changing how we see the world, even before the answers arrive.

Have you ever been bored sitting through a meeting or assembly? That’s because most meeting are being run in an inefficient way. So many times a meeting or event has one person in front of a room lecturing or leading a group of people. 99% of the teachings comes from the front of the room. We’ve now discovered that if you want to make the most of bringing people together then the people need to be involved. Facilitation is the intentional design of quality questions, the choreography of the conversations around these questions and the art of listening to one another. Facilitation vs speaking or talking at someone is the way to bring a team, a group a class together more rapidly than ever before. For simplicity purposes I call this a Keynote Concert.

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How He’s Impacting Schools

A facilitator is someone who helps to bring about an outcome (such as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision.

Most companies, organizations and communities are used to bringing in a keynote speaker to inspire everyone! Although that model has been around for many years the emerging research is showing that our groups, companies and organizations need more than just a motivational message and some slick tips.

The research is showing us that in order to solve the biggest problems in our human systems such as business, families, schools and communities we must take advantage of the incredible asset that exists in each of these. THE EMPLOYEES, THE JANITORS, THE CEO’S, THE CUSTOMERS. Most human systems are bringing their people together on a weekly or monthly basis already. The challenge is in the time we bring them together we under utilize the power of bringing people together. This might be the biggest missed opportunity in our systems.

When we design intentional questions aimed to bring us closer to an outcome we instantly move closer to turning the outcome into reality. Along with the questions and conversations we can create a space for people to authentically connect and collaborate around their answers to the purposeful design of the questions.

Questions like-

  • When have you been at your best?
  • When have we been at our best?
  • When have we seen our company at it’s best?
  • What strengths do I see within myself?
  • What strengths do I see in you?
  • What strengths do I see in us?
  • What could our shared future look like if there were no limitations?
  • What accomplishment over the next year would make me feel proud of myself?

Imagine a group of people answering these questions and then finding a partner and sharing their answers with one another.

This is the process in which they are searching for the greatness that already exists in them, in their peers and in the system they’re a part of.

There is so much opportunity for greatness inside of every system if they individuals that make up the system are directed in a way that allows them to be themselves, bring their best ideas forward and to share them without the thought of being judged.

I combine the power of facilitating with the power of uplifting live music performance. I use live music to make each experience more unique and entertaining for whatever group I’m in front of. The music serves as a shared experience for the group, this instantly brings them closer together because they’re all watching the performance and listening to the song together. Now they’re able to let down their guard a little quicker than usual and see the experience as an opportunity. I bring music into an event multiple times a day to create the type of energy and momentum it takes to move a group further, faster.

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