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Brotha James captivating musical performances
spark creativity, deepen relationships, and help
your community have fun!


The questions we ask are fateful. Questions work like a lens, immediately
changing how we see the world, even before the answers arrive.

Have you ever been bored sitting through a meeting or assembly? That’s because most meeting are being run in an inefficient way. So many times a meeting or event has one person in front of a room lecturing or leading a group of people. 99% of the teachings comes from the front of the room. We’ve now discovered that if you want to make the most of bringing people together then the people need to be involved. Facilitation is the intentional design of quality questions, the choreography of the conversations around these questions and the art of listening to one another. Facilitation vs speaking or talking at someone is the way to bring a team, a group a class together more rapidly than ever before. For simplicity purposes I call this a Keynote Concert.

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