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Empowering Experiences, Empowering Music, Empowering People.

Welcome To My Website. I’m grateful that you are here.

If we’ve met before, welcome back!

If we haven’t met before, let me introduce myself, my name is Jeremy Hobbs Reisig, aka Brotha James. The aka Brotha James is my musical stage/nickname.

At this point, 1000’s of people worldwide have listened to my music or hired me to create an empowering experience for their groups. Many of them refer to me as Brotha James, others call me Jeremy.

I welcome you to call me Jeremy, Jer, or Brotha James.

Ok, now that we got the nickname thing out of the way, we can dig into this what you will experience on this site.

Let’s start with why I have this site in the first place.

The main reason I have the site is so that people like you can easily learn about me and what I’m up to.

The second reason is because I’m what you call a multi-passionate, and as a multi passionate people can get confused on what you actually do as a profession in life.

That’s why this website is super simple to navigate.

I love to design and facilitate empowering experiences, I have a deep passion for creating empowering music, and I love working with passionate people 1-1 and in small groups to empower themselves personally.

I’m inspired by the power of group facilitation and have been trained by XCHANGE on how to design and facilitate in a way that unlocks potential in groups reliably and repeatably.

I combine the power of group facilitation with the passion I have to perform empowering music, and together, they enable me to use music and facilitation as a way to create empowering experiences.

Empowering Experiences Are The Fastest Way To Enable Your Group To Learn Faster, Connect More Authentically, and Build Collaborative Super Powers.

If you’re interested in booking a strategy call to talk about working together click here to fill out an application. Click Here.

If I told you that most meetings, events, retreats, and training were only unlocking a small percentage of the participant’s potential to learn, connect and grow would you agree?

Do you agree that most meetings, trainings, and events could be better?

Do you want to get more out of the time you spend in these types of experiences?

You’re not alone. Especially if the meeting, training or event is ONLINE.

In 2015 when I was launching my solo music career, I decided that I wanted to be different so I decided not to take the traditional music route. I combined my desire to empower others with my love for creating and performing empowering music.

I began by creating Keynote Concerts, which combine motivational keynote-style messages with empowering music.

In 2017 I became fascinated with the art and science of group facilitation. 1 year later, I was trained by XCHANGE, which is the go-to training company for facilitators all over the world.

I’ve now designed and facilitated over 1000 events where I combine music with meticulous design and facilitation that allows a group of any type to have an empowering experience that enables them to make more progress, feel more aligned, and unlock more potential than people thought was possible.

I do this through the precise use of the XCHANGE Operating system to design and facilitate meetings, events, workshops, retreats, and any other type of group experience.

By combining my ability to design, facilitate, play music, and give a keynote, I’ve empowered groups like Ted X Traverse city, Yen Yoga Staff, ISD Teachers Group of Traverse City, 1 Life Fully Lived Events, Groundwork Resilience, and many many more.

Types of experiences that I can help empower

Learning Experiences


Strategic Planning Sessions

Family Gatherings



Whether it’s a learning experience, a strategic planning session, a team meeting or a big event for your community, I might be able to help you empower more people more effectively through some simple tweaks.

If you’re interested in setting up a call to hire me to design and facilitate your next event or to consult with you on an experience you will be facilitating, please fill out this 2-minute questionnaire, and I will reach out to you to schedule a call.

Click Here To Request A Meeting With Me


“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.”

– Debasish Mridha


“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”

– Maria von Trapp


“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

– Confuscius

I love all of these quotes, don’t you?

I think we’d all agree that music is a powerful tool within humanity. I think that we would all agree, at least to some point, that music has the power to shape culture, which in turn shapes behavior and therefore determines our experiences. Yes, music is a powerful tool for humanity.

So, What type of music do you listen to? How does it shape you? The way you think? The emotions do you feel? Does it empower you? If you’re a parent, what music are your kids listening to? Is it empowering them?

Over 8 years ago, when I moved from successful sales rep to Musical Messenger, I decided to make music that would empower me and hopefully empower others.

I intentionally write music using specific words and word structures to create a flow of positive thoughts, empowering me to try my best at whatever comes next in my life. I would describe my music as a little bit of poetry, a tidbit of playfulness, and quite a bit of positivity:)

Since I started making original music in 2015, my music has been played worldwide. The consistent feedback from the very beginning has been that the music I make empowers others since I feel such a love for music and feel such alignment with it; contributing to others, I just want to make as much of it as I can.

If you want to listen to my music, you can stream it here.

If you want to sign up for my Music, Motivation, and Mindfulness email list, you can sign up here.

On this list, I share stories, strategies, and structures that I personally use to unlock more potential inside of myself and others to learn, grow, and align with who I’m meant to be in this world.

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