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Empowering Experiences, Empowering Music, Empowering People.

Welcome To My Website. I’m grateful that you are here.

If we’ve met before, welcome back!

If we haven’t met before, let me introduce myself, my name is Jeremy Hobbs Reisig, aka Brotha James. The aka Brotha James is my musical stage/nickname.

At this point, 1000’s of people worldwide have listened to my music or hired me to create an empowering experience for their groups. Many of them refer to me as Brotha James, others call me Jeremy.

I welcome you to call me Jeremy, Jer, or Brotha James.

Ok, now that we got the nickname thing out of the way, we can dig into this what you will experience on this site.

Let’s start with why I have this site in the first place.

The main reason I have the site is so that people like you can easily learn about me and what I’m up to.

The second reason is because I’m what you call a multi-passionate, and as a multi passionate people can get confused on what you actually do as a profession in life.

That’s why this website is super simple to navigate.

I love to design and facilitate empowering experiences, I have a deep passion for creating empowering music, and I love working with passionate people 1-1 and in small groups to empower themselves personally.

I’m inspired by the power of group facilitation and have been trained by XCHANGE on how to design and facilitate in a way that unlocks potential in groups reliably and repeatably.

I combine the power of group facilitation with the passion I have to perform empowering music, and together, they enable me to use music and facilitation as a way to create empowering experiences.

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What are others saying about brotha James?

Reminds me of who I am!

There is no other artist that has inspired or inspires me and my family than brotha James.
It’s creative music with refreshing lyrics. Songs that remind me of who I am, who I can be, and to focus on my purpose.

Michael Hon

Always Puts Me In a Positive Mood!

Always puts me in a positive joyful mood – love running to your music and of course being in your presence live!!!

Linda Farr Merrill

Energizing and Moving!

The music is energizing and moving!

I always feel ready to take action and move

Listening to it with my kids is incredible, getting positive words into their dialogue and getting them to move.

Erin Laplante

Connect and Reflect

There is so much music out there that our kids are exposed to every day that does not reinforce the character that parents work so hard to build. Brotha James music is not only great music that will stick in your head, but also creates wonderful opportunities to connect and reflect with your kids on the most meaningful topics not only for their development as kids, but also as the adults we hope they grow into.

Sean Wenger

The music makes me feel uplifted!

Like the weight of the world is gone in this moment. Like anything is possible if you just believe it is. And for those moments you feel like you can take on anything life throws at you.

Tabitha Woolman-Kissane

Resonates with my Journey!

What resonates with me and my journey are reading the lyrics and the breakdown of their meaning, particularly EVOLVE, GRATEFUL, MY LIFE, NOT MY MIND, SHAKE IT and ABRACADABRA. These songs remind me daily of to stay present, positive, and involved. They remind me of the “superpowers” I have to give to my community and how to be inspiring to my children. OH AND it’s not too late for my dreams!

Kerrie Smallegan LeBlanc

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Get to know brotha James

From a small town in Northern Michigan, the upbeat musician brotha James is turning heads across the globe. Fans describe his music as uplifting, inspirational and energizing!

In a sea of disempowering music, brotha James’ music stands out as a foundational tool we can use daily to feel good about ourselves.

His debut album Animal was released in the middle of 2015 and features the song “Grateful,” a song about harnessing the power of gratitude to create a life of fulfillment.

His latest album Abracadabra: With These Words I Create was released in 2018. Both albums have spread positive and important messages across the world.

The Abracadabra album was made possible by a loyal and committed community of brotha James supporters. Together they raised over $100,000 for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This successful campaign also produced brotha James’ first book With Our Words, We Create (Stories Behind The Songs).

In a world full of negativity, disempowerment, and divisiveness, brotha James is setting a new standard for how musicians and artists can approach the creation process.

There is no better time to harness our power, to embrace our strengths, and to come together.


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