“Music has the ability to touch where words alone cannot.”  

– Johnny Depp

You and your family are probably listening to music every single day. Depending on the music you choose, you receive a variety of messages. Depending on what radio station or Spotify channel you’re tuned into, that could be doing more harm than you know.

It makes me wonder what power the heavy use of rap and hip hop music messages have had to help fill private jails, housing many members of certain communities around the country. Something as harmless as MTV and radio stations can literally change the lens through which people see the world and themselves.  

Now think about the incredible power that could be harnessed if you added the power of music to the power of words–specifically empowering words that help us program ourselves to have the exact characteristics and qualities that would allow us to create a life of meaning and fulfillment.

That’s exactly what I’ve done for you, your family, and the world. And I’m just getting started. I feel called to write these songs for myself and am so grateful that other people want to use the uplifting messages for their own lives. You and I, we’re so much alike. We both have brains that are mini-computers. When we listen to a sad love song about breaking up or death, we’re just putting those thoughts and images into our minds and into our family’s’ minds.  

These are not bad thoughts or the wrong thoughts, they’re just thoughts. But they’re thoughts that are either helping us move towards a future we want to create or they’re not.  

This leads to an important distinction about our vision for the future.  

I’m including my song “Warrior” in this email. This song is about harnessing all the best parts of being a human being. Please enjoy the accompanying chapter from my book as well.

Make it an amazing Monday!!

Brotha James