I am unconventional.

I am not married, I don’t have kids, and I don’t know if I will ever
have a wife or children in my life. 

What I do know is that I write songs that resonate with both parents and kids. I didn’t plan it and I can only surrender to what I believe is my calling.

I feel my destiny is to create music and to deliver messages that connect us to our strengths and unleash our human capabilities. The words we use and the music we listen to are two ways to harness power to bring out the best in who we are.

As I watched parents and kids connect around my music, I was inspired me to write my own book With Our Words, We Create: Stories Behind The Songs, write more music, and co-found a family learning community called Fambundance.

My highest hope is that the music I’ve created and the book I wrote give you tools to bring your and your family’s best selves to the world.

Thanks for the consideration and I look forward to the opportunity to create more inspiration for you, your family, and the world.

Much love and respect,

Brotha James