Brotha James!

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for asking for feedback on how your music has had an impact on our family. I had a really good conversation with Alec on the topic. From his perspective ( 7 years old). He loves your music because it is fun. He likes that we can sing it together ( he knows all the words, I might need some help). He says the music makes him feel good.  

From my perspective (40 years old), I love having really great music that has a message. Your music creates a place for us to have conversations as a family on what it means to be grateful, why the little things are really the big things, taking time to slow down even with all the endless activities (piano, ballet, t-ball, little league, etc.), and having a warrior mindset. We listen to your music when we are in the car, in our kitchen via Alexa, and I have it as a playlist when I work out. My favorite moments are seeing my kids in the rear view mirror singing their hearts out in the car or having impromptu dance competitions in our kitchen.  

In terms of recommending it to someone on Spotify, I would say there is so much music out there that our kids are exposed to every day that does not reinforce the character that parents work so hard to build. Brotha James music is not only great music that will stick in your head, but also creates wonderful opportunities to connect and reflect with your kids on the most meaningful topics not only for their development as kids, but also as the adults we hope they grow into.  

Music is so important to me personally. Thanks for creating your beautiful purpose filled songs that I can experience with my family. I know the experience will go beyond listening in the moment and that is the true gift of powerful art! 

Hope to see you soon,

sean wenger

Executive Vice-President / Fathom  



Brotha James!

The music is fun and lyrics teach my 3 and 5 year old that we (they) can discover their passion and just enjoy themselves. Mornings are filled with Brotha James on the loud stereo as the call it. They love Animal and Grateful. They run laps in the house with laughter and singing the words. In the truck when we’re headed somewhere they often choose Brotha

James songs too. It’s typically you or Jack White that’s requested ☺

Please share a story or two with me about your family experience with brotha James music. 

There are multiple fun stories with them and I singing, which brings lots of joy and smiles. The story I love best is when my wife was talking to my son about how much art he was giving away. She was affirming to him how awesome it was. She asked what encouraged him to be doing so. His reply was “well mom you know the more you give the more you’re living”. At this point we didn’t know all the song lyrics of Animal yet. So she smiled proudly and asked him where he had heard it. His response was “Brotha James”. I was sitting right there and pulled the songs up on my phone and played Evolve. “Yep, that’s it. That’s the one”, he declared. That became our song for a while. This cemented for me that the lyrics can change the thought life of a young boy and how that thought life brought action. He created his own art and was inspired to give it away based on the lyrics and music he heard. It was/is absolutely beautiful. He was 4 at the time.

What would you say to someone if you were trying to convince them to listen to my Spotify channel? 

I’m not much into the word convince. I would, and do, encourage them to listen to your music based on the fun the impact it has had on me and my family. It’s not just music for kids. Slow Down, abracadabra, not my mind, my life, Evolve, and more bring my thought life into the right frame of mind. They’re super reminders to love myself, to go for more, that I’m significant, and that I have choices on how I think. I don’t have to be stuck in the rut that I find myself in.

It’s always a refreshing day when Brotha James is played!