The next few weeks I will be sending you a series of emails that will help you 


Connect to your vision for the future


Connect to your strengths


Uncover a deep set of motivations that create resiliency 


Learn about financial offense and defense  


Harness the power of relationships  


Identify the means to hack your personal energy

The reason you’re getting these emails is because there is so much negative and disempowering information out there that I’m committed to creating more positive content for you to digest.  

If you choose to use the ideas in these emails then you will be setting yourself up for a great life--a life where the most fulfilling part is that you will know how to strategically control many parts of your life. These include your mindset, what you focus on, who you surround yourself with, and your relationship with money. These are areas of life that no longer tolerate a lack of intelligence. If we don’t empower ourselves in these areas so we can continue to grow our relationship with ourselves, we will be lost in the world that constantly begs for your attention. Focus on what’s important to you-- the people you love and the world-- by training yourself to be a modern day warrior.

You will also be receiving free songs from my two albums Animal and Abracadabra, as well as free chapters from my book With These Words, We Create: The Stories Behind The Songs. These are tools for you to tap into your highest potential using the simple power of words and music.

Through this series you will no doubt be inspired. I wish you luck. Please let me know how I might help you along the way.

The more you can get to know yourself each day, the more you’re able to create a relationship with yourself that allows you to know more about who you really are. As you begin to uncover the true you, you simultaneously begin to understand your own needs, wants desires, and redefine them if you wish. You get the chance to know yourself well enough that you can continue to line up more fulfilling experiences for yourself and the people you love.